Your work is a big part of your life. If it is also your vocation, you can flourish in it and become successful and happy. The best time to plan your career is now!

… I can support you as a certified career and student guidance counsellor.

“Only those who know the destination will find the way.” Laotse


Geldscheine und Abschlusskappe


On average between 5.800 € – 7.600 € (excluding tuition fees)

For further information – see below +more


Average monthly costs

Ø Rent 323 – 600 €

Ø Food/Groceries 168 €

Ø Clothes 42 €

Ø Learning material 20 €

Ø Car / public transport 94 €

Ø Health insurance, medical expenses, medication 80 €

Ø Communication 31 €

Ø Recreation, culture and sport 68 €

Ø Semester fee (114 – 320 €) monthly 19 € – 54 €

Ø Other 100 €

Total: 961 € – 1.257 €  per Month

additional tuition fees: public 0 € / private upwards of 300 €

Thus, one semester costs: 5.800 € – 7.600 € (excluding tuition fees)


Right Way_Apprenticeship_Study_Gap Year_Job


Pupils of all school types, before or directly after graduating from school. We recommend counselling from the age of 16 or at the latest one year prior to the start of an apprenticeship or study programme.

Apprentices or students who are dissatisfied with their subject of study or training and are considering switching courses.

The main focus of our advice is:

Career counselling

Apprenticeship guidance and counselling

Study guidance and counselling

Full-time studies

Dual studies – Bachelor study combined with an apprenticeship or studies with in-depth practical experience

Correspondence studies

Part-time studies

Studies in the German Armed Force

Year abroad for young people – Work & Travel, volutary social work and much more…

The choice of studies or apprenticeship sets the course for your future.


“What will you do after graduation?” Whether after school, an apprenticeship or studies – this question confronts everyone in this situation. Some even realize in the middle of their studies or training: “This is not my thing!”.

The variety of possibilities seems endless, but what is the right choice for you?

If you can answer the questions “What sort of person am I?”, “What do I want to become?”, “What can I do?”, then this also leads to the answer of the question “What do I need to do, to recognize and achieve my professional goals?

It’s about who you are and more importantly: who do you want to be?

A successful choice of study or apprenticeship:

Knowing your potentials and possibilities! Realisation of your dreams for the future!


Tick Green BoldAbilities and talents: What are my talents? What am I good at?

Tick Green BoldInterests and aptitudes: What do I enjoy doing? Which activities do I prefer?

Tick Green Bold Personality traits: What am I like? Who am I? Which professions fit to me?

Tick Green BoldProfile of strengths: What are my distinguishing qualities?

Tick Green BoldMotivation: What spurs me on? What am I prepared to do in order to achieve my goals?


Tick Green BoldMy goals: What do I want to achieve?

Tick Green BoldWays to reach my goal: Which ways are there? Are there alternatives?

Dreams for the future:

Tick Green BoldLife plan: How and where do I want to live and work?

Tick Green BoldValues: How important are family, friends, free time, money, … to me?

Tick Green BoldPersonal development: Who do I want to become?

Puzzle Personal Potentials

With our advice you gain:

Tick Green BoldClarity concerning yourself

Tick Green BoldAwareness of your potentials and possibilities.

Tick Green BoldProfessional, occupational fields that really match you

Tick Green BoldConcrete study recommendations and/or recommendations for apprenticeships

Tick Green BoldThe HORIZONTE- STUDY PLAN – your individual plan with the study and training paths leading to your desired professions.

Identify your potential and your vocation. Find the right educational path. With the help of our advice!


Key to success_

Your key to success!

An overview of our consulting services:



„What do you want to do later in life“. Every school student often hears this question, while considering his future career. The possibilities seem endless!

  • Over 9,000 different bachelor’s degree programs, with varying admission requirements and strict application deadlines, in Germany alone! For studies with Numerus Clausus the situation becomes even more complex. 
  • A large number of dual courses of study in different variations.
  • Around 330 state-recognised apprenticeship occupations.

The ideal conditions for you to make the right choice:

  • Knowing and recognizing yourself – your potentials, interests, inclinations as well as professional and personal strengths and talents..
  • Having an overview of what’ s on offer – which educational opportunities and paths of study are available and come into question for you.

These challenges can be mastered faster and more effectively with professional help.

HORIZONTE has the answers for you. Together with you, we will draw up your Study-Plan – individual, professional, goal-oriented.

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Counselling on postgraduate courses, after the Bachelor’s degree and on changing course of study

You have your Bachelor’s degree in your pocket. A lot of enthusiasm for the chosen field of study, hard work, diligence and self-discipline were necessary.  Bachelor! Now what?

  • Continue studying for a Master’s degree?
  • Start a further, complementary course of study?
  • Get a job and start a career?
  • Use a Gap-Year sensibly?

Others realize in the middle of their studies: „This is not my thing!“.

Quit present course of study! What then?

  • Start another course of study?
  • Look for an apprenticeship?
  • Get a job and start your working right away?

In view of the wide range of opportunities for both study and employment available today, this is not an easy decision.

What it takes to be able to make the right decision here:

  • Knowledge about yourself

regarding your own potentials, interests, inclinations as well as professional and personal strengths.

  • Knowledge about educational opportunities and professions.

Where can I be successful? What fits to me?

These challenges can be mastered faster and more effectively with professional help.

HORIZONTE has the answers for you. Together with you, we will draw up your Study-Plan – individual, professional, goal-oriented.

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Career Counselling – for Postgraduates and Apprentices

The hard-earned educational qualification has been achieved.

Career! How to start and advance successfully?

Which branch? Which company? Large corporation? Medium-sized business? Small business? Start-up? National or international? – Or would you prefer to start your own company?

In view of the wide range of options for starting a career today, this is not an easy decision.

What it takes to make the right decision here:

  • Knowledge about yourself

regarding your own potentials, interests, inclinations as well as professional and personal strengths.

  • Knowledge about professions, career paths and development opportunities.

Where can I be successful? What fits to me?


These challenges can be mastered faster and more effectively with professional help.

HORIZONTE has the answers for you. Together with you, we will draw up your Career-Plan – individual, professional, goal-oriented.

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  • 1

    Your Free Initial Get-To-Know Consultation

    We discuss your wishes and expectations for the consulting day in a personal or telephone conversation, taking approx. 30 minutes.

  • 2

    Intensive Preparation

    Prior to the consultation you will receive a questionnaire – “Biographical Interview” – which you should return after completing. We explore various aspects of your personality, your wishes, talents, strengths, inclinations and also your dislikes, using this questionnaire. This allows us an optimal preparation for the consultation day.


  • 3

    In-depth Analysis

    Using a series of scientifically proven diagnostic aptitude  and personality tests, we determine in an in-depth analysis your

    Häckchen Black Bold_SymbolPersonal characteristic traits

    Häckchen Black Bold_SymbolTalents

    Häckchen Black Bold_SymbolMotivation resources

    Häckchen Black Bold_SymbolInterests and inclinations

    Häckchen Black Bold_SymbolHandling and communication patterns

    Häckchen Black Bold_SymbolYour learning behaviour and temperament

    All tests are performed on the computer, thus ensuring a reliable evaluation of the results. We only use scientifically recognised and renowned tests to ensure that the results are robust and usable.

    The tests are performed online. This allows you to complete them at home, in peace and quiet, prior to the consultation appointment.

  • 4

    Your Consultation Day - Personal Counselling Session

    » We start with an introductory conversation in a relaxed atmosphere to get to know you bettern.

    » We then discuss the test results with you, how they can bring your interests in line with other facets of your personality and explain their significance for your choice of study, apprenticeship or career..


  • 5

    Your Consultation Day - Presentation of the Results

    We conclude by discussing the overall results with you in a confidential atmosphere.

    We present you the occupational fields, as determined from the test results. These career fields take into account the success factors of your unique personality and thus offer the best chances for a successful working lifen.

    In a workshop, together with you, we develop your professional and educational goals and possible strategies for achieving them.

    We then show you the apprenticeship and academic study courses that lead to the professions you have prioritised.

    You are free to choose whether your parents, or other confidants, attend the final presentation of the results.

    See also our optional offer for a two-stage presentation of the results.

  • 6

    Documentation of Results - Your Personal HoriZonte Study-Plan

    At the end of the session, you will receive a detailed documentation of all the results of your consultation day together with your HORIZONTE Study-Plan. This includes recommendations for achieving your desired profession with concrete recommendations for suitable courses of study and/or apprenticeships and other useful additional information.

    Your HORIZONTE Study-Plan will be handed over to you at the end of the consultation – in bound form, approx. 90 pages.

    With this, you are ready to take the next step on your successful career path.


  • Add-on

    Research Service (optional service)

    In addition, we make an in-depth research on three study courses or apprenticeships selected by you::

    Tick Green Bold

    Study contents and career opportunities

    Tick Green BoldEntrance requirements incl. Numerus Clausus (NC)

    Tick Green Boldthe availability in selected study locations

    Tick Green Boldspecial local requirements and registration conditions

    Your individual research report will be sent to you a few days after the consultation.



Solution- and resource-oriented, so that you reach your goal fast

Client Feedback on our Student Counselling Services

“I was very satisfied with the methods used and I particularly benefited from the personal discussions, which were conducted attentively and caringly. I found the consultation very useful and it provided me with a great deal of knowledge about myself and my possibilities. I would definitely recommend the consultation with Dr. Zinser.”

”Excellent, professional and competent counselling, with a scientific basis. I particularly valued the new findings and the “truth” i.e. clear results. I was altogether highly satisfied with the consultation“

“This was a great consultation, which stimulated me to deal more intensively with my choice of career and my own strengths and personality traits, which I discovered through the consultation. The analysis of my answers to the HoriZonte questionnaire was also very helpful. I particularly enjoyed the personal discussions with Dr. Zinser. I recommend the HoriZonte education, apprenticeship and study counselling to all those who need an impulse and help to finally become active or for those who are still at a loss regarding their future!”

“What I liked most was the open, friendly and positive manner. I never had the feeling to do or say anything wrong. Everything is first accepted and one is always encouraged. I felt very comfortable from the beginning. For me, everything was perfect. I think it is especially good that you get something in writing (an extensive report) to all results and explanations, so that you can read them again at your convenience”

“Before the consultation, I was at a loss as to what to do. This has changed completely as a result of the consultation. I was highly satisfied with the content, methods and results of the counselling. I found the questionnaires that I received in advance of the consultation appointment, which served as preparation for the session, very helpful. Although I invested two half days, it was very worthwhile for me. Now I know exactly what I want to do and I can get started!”

I was very satisfied with the entire consultation. I particularly appreciated the open and honest manner, that you feel safe and that you can really talk about everything. I really liked the alternation between discussions and tests! In one sentence: “Great, I learned a lot about myself and was then encouraged to find the right path for me! A consultation that I can really recommend.


We use ZOOM, Microsoft Teams or Skype – all you need is Internet access, a PC/notebook with microphone and speakers or a tablet/smartphone.



As a rule, our consulting costs are fully tax-deductible as income-related expenses. Consulting and coaching expenses can be tax-deductible as income-related expenses for salaried employees or as business expenses for self-employed persons if they are directly related to your professional activity (e.g. aptitude advice, advice on specific career prospects, career planning). However, this note does not replace individual tax advice.

Individual study guidance and counselling, apprenticeship and career counselling 

for School Graduates, Apprentices, Students and Graduates (Bachelor’s and advanced study courses)

Prices exclude tax, include report and work material.


The price for this comprehensive and individual service package is 1.260 €


The price for the Premium-Plus Student Counselling Service, including the research service, is 2.220 €


The price for the Premium-Plus Student Counselling Service, including professional Coaching and Mentoring sessions, is 2.340 €


The price for this comprehensive and individual service package is 1.260 €


The price for the Premium-Plus Career and Apprenticeship Counselling servie, including the research service, is 2.220 € 



A presentation of the results divided into two individual discussions:

» First, in a 1-1 personal conversation with you alone.

» Afterwards, with further trusted persons of your choice – duration up to 2 hours..

Price: 220 € 


» Practical support in your application process, up to the start of your apprenticeship or studies.

» Further consultation as requested

Further consulting services are invoiced on an hourly basis, at an hourly rate of 120 €.


Arrange your free initial consultation now.

Google Reviews for HoriZonte Study Guidance and Career Counselling | Personal- and Business-Coaching

Paul Heine
Paul Heine
12:27 03 Apr 22
Miss Dr. Zinser helped me effectively, very friendly, competently and with a lot of experience to work on my problems... in a solution-oriented more
Andreas Heine
Andreas Heine
10:21 01 Apr 22
We are extremely satisfied with the careers advice given to our son by Ms. Zinser, which we came across via internet... research. Ms. Zinser uses sophisticated and tried and tested instruments. From the combination of these, she derives a coherent picture from which the next steps in the selection of training and careers can be excellently determined. Since our son was already in the third semester of an ongoing course, we found ourselves in a special situation. Ms. Zinser responded to these individual requirements in the best possible way. Your advice is highly professional, confident and extremely committed. Our son felt challenged, addressed and well looked after throughout the entire more
Dagmar Knorr-Held
Dagmar Knorr-Held
14:05 25 Nov 21
As parents, we found the advice given to our daughter to be very competent. Miss Dr. Zinser is a warm-hearted and... clever woman who takes a lot of time for advice and analysis, puts a lot of effort and works out her strengths and skills precisely. The advice is individual, honest and professional and takes place in a trustworthy atmosphere in which you feel comfortable.The summary of the results with the joint final discussion led to a comprehensive career or study recommendation.We are happy to have taken part in the career counseling and can absolutely recommend it at more
Amelie KH
Amelie KH
15:01 18 Nov 21
After graduating from high school, I was very uncertain about my professional future. A friend suggested I came across... HoriZonte and took advantage of the offer of individual career and study advice there. I have particularly positive memories of the effort and effort that Heidi invested in preparing for our conversation. I had the feeling that I was being treated very honestly and that I was in very good hands. I can recommend everyone to take up this offer. I've learned a lot about myself and now I've got more clarity about what I want to do in the more
FR “Servas”
FR “Servas”
13:29 12 Nov 21
At the beginning the advice was a little different from what I had imagined, but in the end it was extremely extensive... and effective. Heidi takes as much time as necessary and even a free debriefing is possible. Both in the detailed personality analysis and in the analysis of personal strengths, I was able to learn a few things about myself that I wasn't aware of before. This forms the basis for ultimately finding suitable courses or professions, which Heidi also offers good support in their search. All in all, I was very satisfied with the more
Max Friedrich
Max Friedrich
10:11 12 Nov 21
Ich habe die Studien- und Berufs-Beratung bei Frau Dr. Zinser als sehr kompetent und professionell erlebt. Durch die... Beratung habe ich sehr viel Neues über mich, meine Fähigkeiten und Stärken erfahren. Das Endergebnis ist nun auch meine Studienwahl geworden. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Beratung. Der Beratungstag war intensiv und kompakt, hat mir aber auch Spaß gemacht hat. Die Beratung hat mir viel Zeit erspart, weil ich in kurzer Zeit eine solide und klare Entscheidungsgrundlage für meine Studienwahl erhalten habe, die auf einer wissenschaftlich fundierten Basis steht. Ich kann die Horizonte Beratung bei Frau Dr. Zinser wirklich weiterempfehlen!read more
Rico Rutscheidt
Rico Rutscheidt
20:06 08 Nov 21
Sehr kompetente Beratung, ich habe viel über mich und meine Interessen erfahren. Das Endergebnis ist nun auch meine... Studienwahl geworden. Bin sehr zufrieden und hat Spaß more
07:36 10 Sep 21
Was mir besonders gut an der Horizonte Berufs- und Studienberatung gefallen hat, waren die unterschiedlichen Tests... kombiniert mit der interessanten Auswertung und Schlussfolgerungen. Es war sehr kreativ und analytisch gestaltet und hinterlässt ein sehr motivierendes Gefühl. Diese Beratung bei Frau Zinser empfehle ich gerne weiter. :))read more
Ben Heidenreich
Ben Heidenreich
10:20 06 Sep 21
I particularly liked the detailed summary of my strengths and the understandable presentation of the data. It was a... very professional, detailed and insightful analysis and advice that I am happy to more
Parwonne Mejia
Parwonne Mejia
06:20 20 Jul 21
The advice was different than I had imagined, but it was exactly the advice I was looking for. In an incredibly warm... atmosphere, with a good ear for details, I was able to learn a lot about myself.I was somehow aware of a lot, but seeing it and articulating it opened up a different, new and important perspective for my future. . Everyone should be able to have a Heidi by their side 🙂read more
Markus Steinkasserer
Markus Steinkasserer
18:25 16 Jul 21
The advice was very competent, friendly and took place in a very pleasant atmosphere. I am allowed to Dr. Praise Heidi... Zinser for her way of working and the great effort she put into me. The advice was very intensive and professional. In the end, the conversation certainly helped me in my decision. I can recommend the Horizonte Bildungs- und Studienberatung with a clear conscience.Thanks Heidi!read more
Thulean Warrior
Thulean Warrior
18:30 22 Jun 21
The career counseling with Dr. Heidi Zinser was not only informative, but above all extensive. In addition, Dr. Zinser... with extensive knowledge and through your incomparable competence. The advice itself is highly scientific and very serious, so you can be sure that you have received competent and individual advice. Therefore 5 stars! And that's why I highly recommend it!read more
Vera Pappenberger
Vera Pappenberger
07:37 29 Apr 21
The advice helped me in many ways. On the one hand to find out more about myself, my strengths, weaknesses and goals,... although I wasn't even aware of many things beforehand, on the other hand to become clearer about the direction in which I could go later. I was accompanied and guided very professionally and personally. Thanks to the folder in which everything that was discussed during the day was summarized, I was also able to read through everything again weeks afterwards and to think about it again. Thank you and lg!read more
Lisi H.
Lisi H.
13:05 13 Apr 21
Heidi is spot on in her job!She has a keen eye for detail and always focuses on her individual personality.The two... days with and with her opened up a whole new perspective on my professional career and gave me the courage to pursue my newly defined goals.I can wholeheartedly recommend it for all age groups!read more
Angela Kretzer-Liebich
Angela Kretzer-Liebich
13:45 04 Feb 21
We would like to thank Ms. Zinser, who has always guided my daughter competently and professionally through the... labyrinth of decisions.Through the many tests and discussions, there was increasing clarity about strengths and weaknesses, so that good decisions were possible.Bringing objectivity to one's own perceptions was made possible here, in an absolutely professional and sensitive way.Unreservedly more
Pernille Lorentzen
Pernille Lorentzen
19:33 22 Jan 21
I can only recommend career counseling from Mrs. Zinser. Apart from the very good working atmosphere, which makes... working together a lot easier, Ms. Zinser is very responsive to the wishes and professional needs of her customers. Heidi Zinser is a very friendly person, a great listener and very competent in her advice. For every haphazard career prospect a wonderful opportunity to look a little into the future. Thank you for taking your more
Giulia Leibold
Giulia Leibold
15:52 03 Jan 21
The student advisory service with Dr. Heidi Zinser has brought me a lot.Because I now know my strengths,... characteristics and abilities much more precisely, Ms. Zinser helped me to orientate myself more specifically with regard to the difficult choice of study or profession and also to plan and achieve my time and goals more effectively.I especially liked the great and friendly atmosphere and the working atmosphere, which was very pleasant.I really can't fault anything and can only recommend this advice, because such an investment is worth it!Many Thanks:)read more
Johannes Kratz
Johannes Kratz
23:41 19 Dec 20
Individual professional and career advice from Dr. Zinser took place in a very personable and trusting environment.The... results from the consultation were very informative and fully met my expectations.I can therefore recommend advice from Horizonte to anyone looking for competent advice on the subject of studies, work, career or more
ken joao
ken joao
07:30 12 Dec 20
Absolutely spot on, from personality to career guidance, we were amazed how helpful and necessary this was for our... daughter. A must for all scholars. And all done via more
Kaylee Joao
Kaylee Joao
20:40 05 Nov 20
My experience with Horizonte was really amazing. The tests were very in depth and therefore, the results were... incredibly accurate! Their counseling was very insightful, and I feel like I've finally found some (much needed) direction. The outcome of my counseling left me with many interesting options for my future, even ones I'd never considered or thought existed! What made these options so special is that I knew they were specifically suited to me, my personality, my interests, and my strengths. A very, very big thank you to Dr. Heidi Zinser. You have helped motivate me to take hold of my future again! I will always be more
Huggy Bear
Huggy Bear
14:44 13 Aug 20
The Team at Horizonte provided excellent guidance and much needed insight into personally, strength, capabilities as... part of the application/job interview process. They are very professional and honest with their opinion and I greatly value their feedback. I can recommend the services provided by HoriZonte without any more
Lisa Ganshaus
Lisa Ganshaus
17:34 22 Jul 20
My experience with Heidi and her career counseling was exactly what I wanted: a goal-oriented eye opener.After the... previous tests and an initial interview, Heidi was able to draw a very coherent and precise picture of my personality. It brought my skills, talents and motivations to the point and showed me a completely new perspective. Thanks to her impressive psychological coaching skills, she also resolved nodes and blocks (previously unknown to trained therapists and psychologists). The short version of my life story described in the preliminary discussion was in her head in detail and between the lines read out difficulties with impressive powers of observation that I myself had previously hidden. She uses her knowledge of positive psychology really skillfully and was able to bring me to another goal.It was very clear for me to see that she works with full dedication and care and concentrates one hundred percent on the person opposite.Heidi showed me a new way for the future, which is respectful and humorous, and which gives me a really good feeling.I highly recommend her.Thank you very much Heidi!read more
Philipp Kunzmann
Philipp Kunzmann
12:42 18 Jun 20
Ziel der Beratung bei Frau Dr. Zinser war es, mehr über mich und meine persönlichen Stärken und Schwächen, sowie... Fähigkeiten zu erfahren. Nach einigen aufschlussreichen und professionell ausgearbeiteten Tests, sowie angenehmen Gesprächen in vertrauter Atmosphäre hatte ich ein individuelles Persönlichkeitsprofil in der Hand, das mir die Sicherheit gibt, mich bei künftigen Fragestellungen gut einschätzen und bessere Entscheidungen fällen zu können. Des Weiteren erhält man Tipps und Anregungen um sein Selbstvertrauen zu stärken und das Selbstbewusstsein zu steigern. Frau Dr. Zinser besitzt eine sehr verständnisvolle und einfühlsame Art jemanden kennen zulernen. Für Rückfragen ist sie auch nach den Treffen jederzeit offen. Aus meiner Erfahrung kann ich sagen, dass ich bisher und auch in Zukunft von ihrer kompetenten Beratung profitieren werde. Vielen herzlichen Dank!read more
Elena Suttner
Elena Suttner
07:29 15 Apr 20
Ich habe die Berufsberatung direkt nach meinem Abi mit Frau Zinser gemacht. Die Beratung dauert beinahe einen ganzen... Tag und ist somit natürlich unvergleichbar mit einem 15 minütigen online Test. Am Ende des Tages bekommt man ein Protokoll mit seinen Schwächen und Stärken und natürlich auch Berufsvorschlägen, über die nochmals diskutiert wird. Ich war sehr zufrieden mit dem Endergebnis und habe letztendlich einen Beruf eingeschlagen, der auf meinem Endprotokoll stand.Ich kann die Beratung nur weiterempfehlen!read more
Anna-Lena Sophie  Frassek
Anna-Lena Sophie Frassek
08:47 13 Apr 20
The good time division of the counseling (2 half days), the change between tests and interviews, the respectful and... honest dealings as well as a relaxed and friendly atmosphere shaped the career counseling at Dr. Zinser pleasant and effective. The various methods give you a very detailed picture of your own personality as well as your existing strengths and weaknesses. The results of the individual tests are clearly and comprehensively explained. In my personal case, the abundance of results that are then obtained from the consultation did not clearly show the one career path that I am sure of directly, but rather many opportunities that I could take with my skills. However, I am sure that I can make the right decision for my future professional path through the self-experience and personal strengthening that I have more
Tim Rtd
Tim Rtd
06:56 12 Apr 20
I found it particularly good that the consultation took place over two days. For me, it was very helpful and insightful... advice that revealed my strengths and interests. What I particularly liked was the opportunity to always contact Ms. Zinser with any further questions. Thank you for this advice!read more
T. Rusch
T. Rusch
14:24 11 Apr 20
I found it particularly good that the consultation took place over two days. For me, it was very helpful and insightful... advice that revealed my strengths and interests. What I particularly liked was the opportunity to always contact Ms. Zinser with any further questions. Thank you for this advice!read more
Michaela v.B.
Michaela v.B.
10:11 03 Apr 20
Ich nahm vor einigen Wochen eine Berufsberatung im Rahmen einer möglichen beruflichen Neuorientierung war. Ich... schätze Ihren professionellen und wissenschaftlichen Ansatz gepaart mit menschlicher Wärme, Verständnis und Humor. Dieses Coaching hat mich einen entscheidenden Schritt in meiner persönlichen Entwicklung weitergebracht. Danke Heidi!read more
Nicholas H.
Nicholas H.
17:30 10 Feb 20
Nachdem ich zuerst ein Studium begonnen hatte, das mir nach kurzer Zeit nicht mehr zusagte, weil es meinen Neigungen... und Fähigkeiten nicht entsprach, musste ich versuchen, einen neuen Weg zu finden. Dabei hat mich Frau Dr. Zinser kompetent und sympathisch beraten und umfassend mein Persönlichkeitsprofil herausgearbeitet und meine beruflichen Möglichkeiten aufgezeigt. Sie hat mein Selbstbewusstsein gestärkt, sodass ich mit Zuversicht einen neuen Studiengang beginnen kann. Durch die gewonnene Selbsterfahrung und Persönlichkeitsstärkung bin ich mir sicher, meinen zukünftigen beruflichen Weg zu more
Bettina Martin
Bettina Martin
13:38 06 Jan 20
Begleitet und unterstützt durch die feinfühlige, kompetente Beratung von Heidi Zinser schlug ich vor gut einem Jahr... einen neuen Weg ein: nach einer Zusatzausbildung bin ich nun beruflich an meinem Wunschziel angekommen. Vielen Dank dafür! Ohne die Beratung hätte ich womöglich den Mut dazu nicht gefunden. Ich lernte mich selbst genauer einzuschätzen und konnte anhand dieser Erkenntnisse eine neue Perspektive für mich herausarbeiten. Ich kann jedem, der sich beruflich (um-)orientieren möchte, wärmstens empfehlen, diese Zeit zu more
johann weber
johann weber
10:22 10 Dec 19
Frau Dr. Zinser hat mich sehr kompetent Beraten und mich dadurch in meiner momentanen Berufswahl bestärkt und mir... gleichzeitig Alternativen gegeben, zusätzlich hat sie mir Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten in meinem momentanen Beruf als auch meiner Persönlichkeit aufgezeigt. Durch ihre Beratung fühle ich mich auf meine Karriere weg Sicher da ich weiß was ich in meinem beruflichen Umfeld brauche und mir Klar geworden ist in welche Richtung ich mich bewegen und entwickeln möchte.Im allgemeinen Hat sich die Investition in die Beratung gelohnt und ich kann sie nur jedem ans Herz legen der auf seine Karriere weg in die richtige Richtung laufen möchte und ohne unnötige Umwege an sein Persönliches ziel gelangen more
Frau W
Frau W
14:29 06 Dec 19
Die Berufsberatung bei Fr. Dr. Zinser war sehr hilfreich für mich! Ich habe sie aufgesucht, nachdem bei mir nach... Studium und Berufserfahrung das Gefühl aufkam, dass die gewählte Richtung, die ich eingeschlagen habe, nicht ganz zu mir passt. Sie wendet neben dem klassischen Beratungsgespräch auch im Wechsel verschiedene wissenschaftlich fundierte Tests und Fragebögen an, um sich ein umfassendes Bild von Begabungen, Interessen, Stärken und Schwächen und Persönlichkeit zu bilden und leitet daraus geeignete Berufe ab und erklärt ihr Vorgehen und die Ergebnisse sehr anschaulich und detailliert. Sie ist sehr freundlich, wertschätzend und sympathisch und ging sehr individuell auf mich persönlich ein. Wir konnten gut herausfinden, weshalb mein bisher gewählter Karriereweg für mich nicht ganz passend war und welche Wege besser passen könnten. Am Ende habe ich einen Ordner mit allen Ergebnissen und den Erklärungen bekommen. Die Beratung ist auf jeden Fall ihr Geld wert und ich kann sie nur weiter empfehlen!read more
Michael Arnold
Michael Arnold
12:40 24 Nov 19
Ich hatte mit meiner Berufsausbildung bereits abgeschlossen und stehe schon einige Jahren im Berufsleben, hatte aber... Zweifel ob dieser Berufszweig für mich wirklich der Geeignetste und auf Dauer Befriedigendste ist.Frau Dr. Zinser hat mich mit Tests über meine Neigungen, Skills und Wunschvorstellungen dazu gebracht, mich intensiv und realistisch mit meiner Zukunft zu befassen und mir sowohl mit der Auswertung der Tests als auch in persönlichen Gesprächen einen roten Faden aufgezeigt. Die Konsultierung von Frau Dr. Zinser war für mich sehr hilfreich und förderlich.Vielen Dank!read more
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