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WHAT’S NEXT? – After school, first semesters or college.

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Are you looking for a new challenge, do you want or have to change professionally, or have you taken a break and want to get back into work?

If you are reorienting yourself, re-entering the workplace after a break or looking for new goals, guidance can be a big help.

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You want to change your life for the better?

We support you in finding solutions and developing plans.

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Identify the right candidate. Are you looking for a new employee or trainee?

Discover and develop potential managers.

We support you in your decision-making process with analytical methods and consulting.

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Foto von Dr. Heidi Zinser, Zertifizierte Berufs- und Studienberaterin

Dr. Heidi Zinser, certified career and student guidance consultant,  Personal-und Business-Coach


FAMILY. LIFE. HEALTH. CAREER. Each of us is once and again faced with new choices that life suddenly presents. These challenges often cannot be mastered alone. Making the right decisions is often not easy, especially if you are emotionally affected or do not know all the options.
Diversity and change are elements of life and part of a healthy development. Every change process is unique and is based on an expansion of consciousness.

Many of life’s challenges can be mastered faster and more effectively with professional help.

HORIZONTE offers exactly this professional help.

Educational, career and student guidance counseling– The choice of career is one of the most important decisions in the life of every person. It determines your future and thus your success and satisfaction in life. HORIZONTE analyses your abilities, aptitudes, strengths and potential and shows you a whole range of possible career and educational paths that fit to you. Many of them you have probably never thought about before!

Career guidance and counselling – your profession should be your vocation! However, it often happens that the environment or one’s own interests change or that what one has once learned is no longer so much in demand. We advise and guide you in your career planning – be it reorientation or further development.

Certified Coach, German Professional Association for Coaching (DFC)

Personal and Business Coaching – As a coach, we accompany you through your development and processess of change as well as in dealing and mastering difficult life situations. Together we analyse your situation and your strengths and highlight the possibilities and opportunities. We support you in setting and achieving your goals.

Your counselor, Dr. Heidi Zinser

12:02 31 Jul 22
I did the premium career and study counseling. Overall, I had a lot of fun with the consultation, it was very... interesting and you learned a lot about yourself. It helped me a lot to find out in which area I would like to work later, what exactly is important to me later and what suits me well. The methods that Dr. Heidi Zinser uses are very easy to understand and interesting. You can tell that she knows the area very well.I really liked the fact that my "problems" and questions were addressed individually. In addition, it was also explained to you how you can better cope with your studies etc. later and lots of tips were given on how to make all the decisions easier, that helped me a lot personally.Overall, I am very satisfied and would recommend the consultation to anyone who still has a bit of doubt about their future.read more
ken joao
ken joao
07:30 12 Dec 20
Absolutely spot on, from personality to career guidance, we were amazed how helpful and necessary this was for our... daughter. A must for all scholars. And all done via internet.read more
Kaylee Joao
Kaylee Joao
20:40 05 Nov 20
My experience with Horizonte was really amazing. The tests were very in depth and therefore, the results were... incredibly accurate! Their counseling was very insightful, and I feel like I've finally found some (much needed) direction. The outcome of my counseling left me with many interesting options for my future, even ones I'd never considered or thought existed! What made these options so special is that I knew they were specifically suited to me, my personality, my interests, and my strengths. A very, very big thank you to Dr. Heidi Zinser. You have helped motivate me to take hold of my future again! I will always be grateful.read more
Huggy Bear
Huggy Bear
14:44 13 Aug 20
The Team at Horizonte provided excellent guidance and much needed insight into personally, strength, capabilities as... part of the application/job interview process. They are very professional and honest with their opinion and I greatly value their feedback. I can recommend the services provided by HoriZonte without any hesitation.read more
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Advice without risk – with the HoriZonte money-back guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied during the first half of the consultation, you can simply tell me at this point and the consultation will be terminated. 

You return all documents you have received until then and we will immediately refund you the full price for the entire consultation.

This offer is valid for career and study counselling.